Complete in-house capabilities for all types of custom apparel


Five automatic and two manual presses, combined with a dedicated printing staff upwards of 30, enable us to produce upwards of 150,000 apparel items in just one week. Our screens are able to a print graphics up to 16″ x 22″ depending on the garment. We operate 20 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

We embrace the creative challenges and look beyond the obvious to consider other unique and innovative possibilities that will produce eye catching results.


From concept to delivery, our team manages every step of the process with attention to detail and a focus on quality.


distressed screen printing

Distressed Appliqué

A 3-dimensional printing style created with drying techniques that result in a hard, textured applique-style print with a timeless vintage appeal. This application has many different effects, including a flaking appearance or a deeply cracked or distressed surface.

soft hand screen printing

Soft-Hand & Ultimate Soft-Hand

A water-based layer is applied in order to produce a softer feel to the imprint. During the softening process the garment color is also removed, leaving space for the ink to fill in but not build up. This creates an effect that eliminates the presence of ink to the touch, leaving a very soft feel.

water based screen printing

Water-Based Discharge (Eco-Friendly)

Discharge screen printing is one water based solution for light prints on dark clothing. An underbase is used that strips the color of the shirt allowing the ink to dissolve into the fabric, creating a beautiful diffused look and soft, vintage feel. Acrylic inks (Quantum), non PVC resins, and non-phthalate plasticizers are utilized.

Flock screen printing

Flock Application

Flock application involves printing adhesives. Electrical charges are used on the garment when the adhesive is wet, creating a static charge on the application. This process yields a very soft, felt-like, 3-dimensional print that is commonly used as an accent to other printing styles.

custom foil screen printing

Foil & Ink

This three step process results in a very shiny, foiled effect. A metallic formula is added to the ink prior to the printing process. The garment is then printed, dried completely, and heat pressed to complete the application.

custom salt glitter screen printing

Salt Glitter

A screen is employed to apply a completely separate layer of glitter on top of an existing print in a specific, controlled area or pattern. Encapsulated glitter using a wider mesh screen, glitter is mixed directly with the ink resulting in a uniform glittering effect.

custom glitter screen printing

Encapsulated Glitter

Similar to Salt Glitter but a wider mesh screen is used and the glitter is mixed directly with the ink resulting in a uniform glittering effect.

fashion screen printing


This process requires the reduction of plastisol-based compounds in order to produce a refined soft-hand print.

custom eco friendly screen printing

Eco-Friendly Printing

Quantum brand inks are formulated with non-PVC resins and non-phthalate plasticizers which are friendly to the environment. These inks perform at equal standards of those with plastisol and are Pantone approved.

Fleece Laser Etching

Laser Etching

Laser etching employs the use of a laser to engrave or burn a logo into the fabric of a fleece, polyester or micro-suede garment, resulting in a darker, tonal mark on the product.

Other Apparel Applications


We offer direct-to-garment printing on both light and dark garments. Built for lower quantity multi color applications.


We offer a variety of transfer types that add some unique qualities to your shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and accessories such as towels.


Our finishing services include the application of hang tags, sewn tags, custom inserts, packaging, fulfillment and UPC labels.

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